Start off the First Valentines Day of the Decade with a Bang. And an STI Test.

Today is Valentine’s Day 2020. It’s the start of a long weekend, and, not to set expectations too high, but it’s also the first Valentines Day of the decade. Regardless of your relationship status, we’re hoping that means sex. Lot’s of sex. Maybe that means with your partner, with someone you’ve been seeing for a few weeks, that special someone who was 1083 feet away, or even yourself — we hope that you’re in for a fun time this weekend. No matter who you decide to play with, we want you to be healthy, happy, and to have fun, without worrying about what comes next. That’s why we created Ash.

While you may not kiss and tell, Gonorrhea sure does, at least after a few weeks. We won’t be able to reliably detect Gonorrhea or Chlamydia until three to six weeks after the sexual encounter. Our guess is that your hook-up from the weekend past, probably doesn’t know either… and that sucks. You’re in luck though — these STIs are both completely curable.

At Ash we’re all about breaking barriers and removing the stigma associated with STIs. We think that encouraging conversations about sexual wellness between partners, whoever those partners may be, is a great place to start. That’s why Ash is launching with its pre-sale of sexual wellness kits just in time for the long weekend.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to

2. Answer our short quiz and subscribe to your testing kit.

3. Receive your kit in the mail.

4. Test yourself with our first testing kit for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

5. Send back your kit to our lab and get results within 48 hours

With Ash, it’s that easy. We’re a holistic sexual health AND wellness brand that celebrates sex while giving you the freedom to explore your sexuality. Ash doesn’t care who you’re sleeping with or what gender you identify as — we want you to be yourself and enjoy your sex life. It is the non-judgmental, pragmatic, and celebratory brand that normalizes sexual health and wellness.

We’re super excited to be launching, and think it’s pretty special that it’s just in time for the first Valentines day of the decade.

What does sexual wellness mean to you? DM us on Instagram @meetashwelleness

No office visits, no lab visits, no judgment — just discreet, simple, and affordable STI testing from the comfort of your home.

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