• Kyle Waters

    Kyle Waters

    Building things at Ash. Johnson Cornell Tech MBA Candidate 2020.

  • Scott Smith

    Scott Smith

    Working on something new.

  • David Stein

    David Stein

    MBA @CornellTech, Founder @ash_wellness, lover of tea and turtles.

  • Lauren Nham

    Lauren Nham

    Ventures @finclusivevc, Product @SutherlandLabs // Think like a designer, build like a startup.

  • Mio Akasako

    Mio Akasako

    Neuroscientist x Designer x Sexual Health & Wellness Advocate // Co-founder & Design + Brand Lead at @meetashwellness

  • Fernando Gómez-Baquero

    Fernando Gómez-Baquero

    I am an innovation economist, nanomaterials engineer, energy nerd, and above all tireless entrepreneur. I mentor an amazing group of companies on diverse topics

  • Rina Schiller

    Rina Schiller

    Software Engineer at TargetSmart. Masters in CS from Cornell Tech. Big fan of technology, politics, gender equality & short hair. Goals: to build and inform.

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